She~a day with Music and Miaofeng~

      Miao Feng wrote in her blog that I was "a little lovely girl".This comment will do badly shock all my friends,as they,even the boys,have a strong impression that I’m tomboyish, unlovely and mature.It is only those who are profounder than me that can “Zhao”me.So just guess how deep she is  …

     On August 19,,I attended a concert holding by Ashen Philharmonic,and I had the chance to meet Miao.At the first sight we saw each other, I couldn’t help exciting awkwardly.In fact I had been imaging the picture that we met for weeks.Especially for her I ordered a book written by my favourite author,Chen Danyan.Seeing her and shaking hands,I was so nervous that the next thing I did was to rush to answer the nature call.

      Miao was dressed simply. No making up .As pure as a middle-school student.She sit with few words,companied with,of course,two art books.Through the concert,she had been in her seat in a confort way,like listening to a performance in her salon .I was contrary.I’m the

One that’s easy to be tense.You could feel from her that the time passed adagissimo by her ,and the atmosphere silent but enthusiastic inside.A judge Gad was in her heart when she was in the music.

      Started with two short familiar violent pieces ,the concert is good.we’ll like handel’s two sonatas,which fit Ashen to play .Thorgh some notes are not very accurate,we can be tolerant to that.Mostly we audience also enjoyed Ashen’s music idea not only his music performance.I believed Ashen was happy ,for he could devote himself to the business he love,be widely suppoort,and reach the achievement on it.Like every wise man,he can offer his luxury interest.we all run to offer an ideal life.

       At table ,we talk about the concert .As an ABC fan and a guest,I was incapable of commentting too much .We all expected Miao Feng’s.After a modest rejection,she began her comment.She spoke so tender that everyone’s willing hear ,like a kind granny exhorting a child.Each of Her words was to the point, pierced to the truth with a single pertinent remark;Sometimes she stated my unspeekable feeling.Her speaking style is “ Wei wei dao lai”, no matter talking about other ones or herself.

    Wondering in the old lane near the riverside ,she introduced the buildings to me;their historys, their architecture styles,their art value…I really relished such unwortly but priceless knowledge.She made me recall my funny Dad,who has lots of such usefuless but interesting knowledge.Except maths he seems to have a finger in every pie.

      Miao said she prefered to be single.I didn’t believe it.Did she have romance?And then was she hurt?It was the experirenced one that said such a sentence.But she is too young to definite her fate.She just has passed only a quarter of her life.Someday her prince will come.Happiness is there waiting for us.


       Sometimes I thought I could be happier if I met Miao Feng in my gloomy middle-school age .She might tell me "you are not alone,and you are right." so I would get a lot of power of self-confidence . Perhaps it's not so bad a thing of walking alone in one period of one’s life.Now I’m over it.And what’s more,I learn something from that period. Maybe,it's the loneiness that guides us to the music paradise,and ties us together.

(I'll thank my brother for typing this article for me~)

    Evergreen our friendship.
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